What is the story of the new mysterious disease that killed 15 people?

In light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic that infected 106 million people, and recorded more than two million deaths around the world, a new mysterious disease appeared in the Republic of Tanzania, the causes of which have not yet been identified, and killed fifteen people within hours of the appearance of its symptoms. More than 50 others have been hospitalized, most of them men, in critical condition.

Medical sources said that patients arrive at the hospital with nausea and vomiting blood.

Felista Kisandu, chief medical officer in the remote Chunya district of Mbeya, said that a team of medical experts had been deployed to clinically assess patients and investigate the cause of the outbreak, according to the English version of the Anadolu Agency.


“This problem was not widespread,” she added. “It only happened in one administrative ward in Ifombo where people vomit blood and die when they arrive at the hospital late.”

A preliminary clinical examination showed that the patients, most of them men, had stomach ulcers and liver disease, said Kissando.

And she continued, “We advised them to avoid drinking illegal drinks, smoking cigarettes and other soft drinks.”


Investigation team

Tanzanian Minister of Health, Dorothy Guajima, played down the concerns and ordered Qisando to be arrested for 10 days “to cause unnecessary panic among the population,” according to what was reported by the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

Guajima sent a team of experts to assess the situation and instructed them to submit a written report identifying the cause of the disease to take further measures, calling on the families of the victims to remain calm while the officials monitored what happened.


According to Mbeya’s main medical office records, a similar disease struck the area in 2018, when it was confirmed that several people had a high temperature, stomach upset, and vomiting blood.

While Tanzania is already on the UK’s banned list due to ‘Covid-19’, little is known about the virus situation in the country – the government has not released case numbers since April 2020.

Questioning Corona


President John Magufuli has consistently reduced the severity of the virus, and since June of last year, when President John Magufuli announced that the country is “free from Covid-19”, he, along with other senior government officials, ridiculed the effectiveness of masks, questioned the success of the virus test, and raised Resentment of neighboring countries that have imposed health measures to curb Corona.

Magufuli also warned – without providing any evidence – that the “Covid-19” vaccines could be harmful. Instead, he urged Tanzanians to inhale steam and take herbal medicines, neither of which has been approved by the World Health Organization as a treatment.

It is noteworthy that two cases of the frightening South African type were discovered in Denmark, last month, of travelers who recently returned from Tanzania.


Britain had banned all arrivals from Tanzania to deport the South African strain. The Roman Catholic Church in Tanzania violated government rules of silence, calling on its followers to protect themselves.

Source: Al-Qabas


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