Watch Viral Video of John Cusack White Sox Confrontation

Watch Viral Video of John Cusack White Sox Confrontation: A video of John Cusack being confronted by a Barstool Sports blogger over his support for the White Sox has gone viral—and the actor is being praised for handling himself well in the face of confrontation.

The viral video clip has been watched more than 700,000 times on Twitter and John Cusack’s name becoming a trending topic on Twitter on Monday.

The High Fidelity actor has been involved in a long-running beef with Dave Williams of Barstool Chicago over his allegiance to two of the Windy City’s baseball teams—the White Sox and the Chicago Cubs.


An article from Williams from June outlines the podcaster’s problem with this.

“Cusack is a pink hat. Always popping in both Wrigley and Sox Park donning the black and white or blue and red. He cheers for BOTH teams,” Williams wrote.

“Not allowed. Look, we have two teams in Chicago. You pick one of them to root for and then you hate the other one. That’s just how it goes, and it’s just that simple. You’re not allowed to root for both like John here.”

Well, now Williams has had a chance to say his views directly to Cusack’s face at the Astros vs. White Sox game on Sunday.

A clip of Williams confronting the actor over his dual baseball allegiance is now going viral after being posted by the Barstool Chicago Twitter account.


Source Newsweek

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