Tobogganing: The German doubles clearly defeated the Eagles

  • Germany’s successful toboggan doubles suffered a heavy defeat in the World Cup dress rehearsal against the competition, which was so strong this winter. In the World Cup in Innsbruck-Eagles on Saturday, world champion Tony Egert / Sacha Bangkin (Eisenberg / Sahl) did not finish fifth, a good tenth separated them from Italy’s winning lead wig rider / Patrick Ratner.

Before Thomas Stowe / Lawrence Cooler, Latvian brothers Jury and Anders Six finished second. The Austrian team is going to win the World Cup overall.

The race was a complete disappointment for Olympic champion Tobias Wendell / Tobias Alert (Birchtisgden / Congsi), who finished only ninth.

A week before the World Championships in Knigsi, the balance that has prevailed for doubles in recent years has been struck, only four of the ten races so far have been won by Germany, now the result in the Eagles is winter now.


“But you have to keep everything in perspective,” Benican said on ZDF, “We’re still with the music, it was only twelve hundred behind.

It makes you hungry. Egert added: “The railways in Kanigsi are very helpful to us. We are really looking forward to the World Cup.” Source


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