The Zionist entity is in crisis

The military developments in the occupied Palestinian territories placed the Zionist entity in a difficult and complicated position, as its attacks and wars were no longer just a picnic.

The battle in Gaza took a new turn that devoted a deterrent equation based on “targeting residential towers, which means targeting major Zionist cities”, while anger erupted inside the territories. 1948 From Haifa and Acre to Lod, in which the occupation declared a state of emergency after losing control of it.

Since the 2014 war, the occupation has consistently adopted a scenario of hitting residential towers and assassinating the leaders of the factions, but this time it was surprised by a new equation and tactic imposed by the resistance, which consisted of massive rocket barrages on cities in the south and center of the Zionist entity in exchange for any targeting of the towers, which caused confusion within the Zionist political and security leadership. And it caused a state of panic among the Zionists, as video clips showed widespread destruction of settlers’ vehicles and homes, 6 settlers were killed and dozens wounded, and the sirens did not stop throughout the night of the day before yesterday, as millions of settlers became in shelters.


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The Hebrew newspaper “Maariv” described the scene with the headline: “The State Is Burning”, along with a picture of a bus that was set on fire after the bombing of Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon.

Despite the barbaric bombardment, which was carried out by the occupation army on Gaza and the martyrdom of more than 53 Palestinians, including 15 children, the resistance continued to respond with rocket barrages and target economically sensitive areas such as the Ashdod port and the gas platform off Gaza and Ben Gurion Airport, and new missiles were used.


Faced with the difficulty of directing the enemy to a very costly ground operation (the losses are estimated at the death of more than 500 soldiers) and not covered by the United States, because the Biden administration does not want a major escalation that would lead to an all-out war, the Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to make gains on the ground before talking about cease-fire.

In this context, the occupation forces managed, through an air raid yesterday, to assassinate leaders in Hamas, including the commander of the Gaza Brigade, Basem Easa. Analysts confirm that Hamas and the factions will not retreat due to the assassinations and crimes carried out by the occupation forces, and will continue to confront with greater force the Zionist entity, which is in crisis politically and militarily.



Kaleem Shaik

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