The Indiana attacker is a former FedEx employee and mentally ill

Police and FBI officials have announced the identity of the perpetrator of the Indiana state attack, which killed 8 FedEx employees. He is a former company employee named Brandon Scott Hall, 19, with a history of mental illness.

He was placed in temporary detention for mental health in March 2020 for attempting suicide.

And Indianapolis police official, Craig McCart, revealed that the assailant randomly shot the people in the parking lot before entering the FedEx building to pursue his crime, and indicated that Hall had killed himself seconds before the police entered the building.


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Law enforcement officials have not yet determined the motives for the crime, and searched his home and confiscated electronic equipment belonging to him.

It is noteworthy that US President Joe Biden seeks to legislate a law banning the use of offensive weapons at a time when the country witnesses the killing of about 40 thousand people every year due to firearms.



Adil Khan

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