Russia declares ceasefire in Ukraine to Open Humanitarian Corridor

Ukraine Ceasefire, Kyiv: In the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine for the last 12 days, Russia has now declared a ceasefire in Ukraine. Russia has taken this step for the safe evacuation of people from Ukraine. According to reports, Russia has imposed ceasefire in two of Ukraine’s largest cities, the capital Kyiv, Kharkov, Sumy and Mariupol. Russia’s ceasefire will come into effect from 12:30 pm Indian time today.

Russia Announces Ceasefire to Open Humanitarian Corridor

The Russian military has announced a ceasefire in Kyiv, Kharkov, Sumy and Mariupol for the evacuation of civilians, Sputnik (a Russian media outlet) reported.

The report added that French President Emmanuel Macron had requested the ceasefire for humanitarian purposes. [Read Also: Cowlitz County Man Arrested After Crash on i-5 and Injured teenager]


“Given the catastrophic humanitarian situation and its sharp aggravation in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkov, Sumy and Mariupol, as well as at the personal request of the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Russian Armed Forces announce a ceasefire and open humanitarian corridors from 10.00 [07:00 GMT] March 7, 2022,” the statement said.

Kyiv will discuss ‘non-NATO model’

NATO countries are not ready to discuss Ukraine’s inclusion in the organization, so Kyiv is now ready to discuss ‘non-NATO model’. This information has been given by an official. “The response we are getting from the NATO countries is that they are ready to discuss keeping us in NATO,” Xinhua news agency quoted David Arkhamia, a member of the Ukraine delegation for talks with Russia, as saying by Fox News on Sunday.


‘Not the process, we will fight for the result’

He said, ‘We will not fight for NATO applications, we will fight for the result but not for the process’. “We are open to discussing some non-NATO models,” Arkhamia said. We are ready to discuss such things in a wider scope not only in bilateral discussions with Russia but also with other partners. In the midst of the war, Ukraine and Russia held two rounds of talks on February 28 and March 3, and a third round on Monday.


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