‘Reject Violence. It’s Time For Healing’- Pope Says

Reject Violence. It’s Time For Healing’- Pope Says
Reject Violence. It’s Time For Healing’- Pope Says

Pope Francis is scheduled to come in front of an Italian television interview on the “Canale 5” television network, which will be broadcast on Sunday evening.

The Pontiff says the unfolding of events on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on 6 January “came as a surprise” to him. However, he noted, no society can consider itself immune from subversive elements.

He also speaks about the possibility of being inoculated against covid-19 describing it as an ethical choice and expresses his hope that everyone will choose to do so.


“I was amazed because they are a people who are so disciplined in democracy,” said Pope Francis.

However, he added, even mature societies can have flaws, and there are often people “who take a path against the community, against democracy, and against the common good.”

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Violence must certainly be condemned, the Pope continued. “It must always be condemned, regardless of those who perpetrate it.”

“There is no society which can boast of never having had a single day or case of violence,” the Pope said. Therefore, he added, it a question of “understanding, so as not to repeat [the violence] and learn from history.”

In any case, Pope Francis concluded, “understanding is fundamental” because it is the only way in which to find a “remedy.”


Anti-covid vaccine

During the interview the Pope also spoke of the possibility of choosing to be vaccinated against covid-19, a choice that he described as “ethical”. and he expressed his hope that everyone will do so with respect for the lives and the health of others.

Pope Francis revealed that he himself has signed-up to be vaccinated as the Vatican kicks-off its covid-19 vaccination campaign in the Vatican in the coming weeks.


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