Ryan Rogers

Who is Ryan Rogers? Ryan Rogers is american teenager who was reported missing and found dead on Tuesday morning in Palm Beach Gardens.

Who Was Ryan Rogers?

It is being reported, that Ryan Rogers was a student of William T. Dwyer High School and they have also tweeted that they have lost a very bright student due to such heinous crime. His dead body was recovered from the Central Boulevard ideal at the I-95 overpass.

This is what is said by Palm Beach Gardens Police Maj. Paul Rogers, as soon as the police recognized him they took his body to his residence and pronounced him dead. The investigation is going on by the concerned department to figure out the real culprit as soon as possible so that, he can not execute such a crime again.


Ryan Rogers case details

Palm Beach Gardens police are investigating the death of Ryan who was last seen one day earlier.

Ryan Rogers’s body was found along with his bicycle near the sidewalk on Central Boulevard, close to the I-95 overpass. His cause of death has not yet been determined.

According to police, Rogers was last seen leaving his home in Palm Beach Gardens around 6:40 p.m. Monday night to go for a bike ride. He never returned.


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Ryan Rogers was well known at the soccer fields in Palm Beach Gardens. After all, he’d been playing with the Palm Beach Gardens Predators for the last 10 years.

He started when he was only 4 years old, and his enthusiasm was obvious every time he stepped on the field.


“You knew Ryan was out there,” said David Craven, the president of the Palm Beach Gardens Youth Athletic Association. “He was exciting. He was young. Really, really, really good young man. And a really good family.”

Rogers had been playing on a team this year that was coached by his mother. For obvious reasons, practice Tuesday night was canceled.

“We all did get together very early (Tuesday) morning to start what would be the volunteer search party. And sadly, a few hours later, we got the text to stop,” Craven said. “He was a very exciting, vibrant young man, an athlete. And he is truly going to be missed.”


Rogers was a freshman at Dwyer High School. News of his death spread quickly throughout the student body.

“It’s really sad. Everybody at school was talking about it,” said Grace Brown, a student at the school. “Everywhere you went, everyone brought it up. It affected the whole school. It’s crazy.”

The following message was sent to families Tuesday night:

  • “Good afternoon Dwyer parents and staff,
  • “This is Principal Corey Brooks calling with a difficult message.
  • “It is with great sadness that I inform you that we have lost a student, and member of the Dwyer family in a tragic accident.
  • “Out of respect and privacy for the family, I am not sharing the student’s name at this time.
  • “Grief counselors are available on our campus to help students and staff who would like emotional support.
  • “At William T. Dwyer High School, we are a family that celebrates our successes, and grieves our losses together.
  • “I am certain that you will keep the family in your thoughts.
  • Thank you.”



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