Iranian send message to President Biden: Lift the Sanction, Trump is dead

According to Iranian Local News sources, inside Iran that the government had sent a message to the administration of US President-elect Joe Biden regarding the future of the nuclear agreement and sanctions.

Important Points in the Message

  • Trump is dead, his political life is also dead, but the nuclear deal is still alive.
  • Today is the end of another tyrant’s era, and today is the last day of his bad rule.
  • The ball is in Biden’s court” regarding sanctions and the nuclear agreement.

The sources explained: “Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif suggested that the Iranian government send a message to the US President-elect Joe Biden on the eve of his inauguration as President of the United States.


The Message stressing that the Iranian government congratulated Biden on winning the US elections and made a new offer to his administration, related to the nuclear agreement.

And this offer includes Lifting of US sanctions on Iran, especially those related to the export of oil, petrochemicals, and the banking sector, in exchange for Tehran’s commitment to the nuclear agreement.

In the Iranian government’s message, which reached the Biden administration, Zarif warned the administration of the consequences of the United States not returning to the nuclear deal and not lifting sanctions on Iran in the first days of Biden entering the White House.


According to sources, the government of Hassan Rouhani warned the Biden administration against the advent of a new Iranian president, who belongs to the militant movement, during the Iranian presidential elections scheduled for next June 18, and the result of this will be the failure to reach any new understandings or deal related to the nuclear agreement with the new American administration.

The Rouhani government – according to Iranian sources – asked the Biden administration, as a goodwill message, for the US Treasury to release Iranian funds frozen in international banks and transfer them to Iran.

The Rouhani government linked the side effects of the new Coronavirus pandemic on the economy and the health sector in Iran with the US sanctions and demanded the Biden administration to contribute to mitigating the effects of the pandemic by lifting economic sanctions and freeing Iranian assets frozen in international banks as a humanitarian initiative by the Biden administration towards Iran.


The ball is on the court In another context, Rouhani hailed the end of the era of a “tyrant”, referring to the last day of his US counterpart Donald Trump’s term, saying that “the ball is in Biden’s court” regarding sanctions and the nuclear agreement.

Rouhani said: “Today is the end of another tyrant’s era, and today is the last day of his bad rule.” And in a speech hours, before Biden took office, he said that the four years that Trump spent in power “only produced injustice and corruption and caused problems for his people and the world.”

Rouhani added: “Trump is dead, his political life is also dead, but the nuclear deal is still alive. He did everything in his power but he was unable to destroy the nuclear deal.


In turn, Zarif stated that “Mr. Biden must know that his responsibility is to lift these sanctions,” considering that the implementation of the obligations of the various parties to the agreement is “a matter that is not negotiable.”

Biden alluded to the possibility of his country returning to the nuclear agreement, in case Tehran returned to fully respect its obligations under it.

On Tuesday, Anthony Blinken who was chosen by Biden to assume the post of Secretary of State affirmed that the next administration is ready to return to the nuclear agreement, provided that Tehran again fulfills its obligations.


During the Senate approval session, he said that Biden “believes that if Iran returns to abide by (the agreement), we will also comply with it.” He added, “But we will resort to this as a starting point, with our allies and partners who will once again be by our side, seeking a stronger and longer-lasting agreement.”

Adil Khan

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