Immigration troubles the Biden administration… will it alter its vision

USA, March 23: A prison is a prison, whether it is called a family housing facility or a treatment center, and it must be demolished. This is what was expressed by an American citizen of Japanese descent who once suffered asylum. In an interview with the American Time magazine, he says that he feels the suffering of children who are detained today at the border with Mexico.

In this regard, the American website Axios revealed that border guards have been holding 823 children without their families for more than ten days. He said that the facilities they are holding are not designated to house them, but that the recent increase in their number has overshadowed the ability of US President Joe Biden’s administration to deal with them.

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The Guardian newspaper, in turn, said that the photos released by Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar showed a crowded immigration facility, with more than 400 male minors being held in a section that only accommodates 250 people.

Break a promise

In this context, after Biden pledged to restore the asylum system and pledged to spend about $ 4 billion to address the root causes of immigration from Central America, it seems that he may backtrack on his promise, especially with the arrival of unprecedented numbers of asylum seekers, especially unaccompanied minors.


The president may outsource immigration enforcement to Mexico. Javier Urbano, coordinator of the immigration program in Mexico City, said: “I do not understand why Biden had to change foreign immigration policy.” And he added, “Whether we like it or not, what Donald Trump has achieved was a certain kind of control over immigration policy, so why would they change the strategy?” ? Senior US diplomats will travel to Mexico City for talks on stopping the flow of migrants.

In contrast, Mexico has imposed restrictions on non-essential travel on its northern and southern borders for health reasons, which is rare in a country that has not suspended flights from countries that have been severely affected by the Covid-19 virus.

In a historic precedent, Biden may formally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Turks. On the other hand, financial compensation will be distributed to Evanston, north of Chicago, in expiation for Washington’s previous racist policy. Its black residents will get $ 25,000 to buy homes.


In a move that confirms the Democratic administration’s desire to wage a battle with Silicon Valley, the technology capital, the Biden administration appointed Lena Khan, a legal expert known for opposing monopoly operations practiced by internet giants, as head of the Federal Antitrust Agency.

As there is talk about whether Biden is still consulting former President Barack Obama, Jane Psaki, a spokeswoman for the White House, confirmed that the two consulted regularly and talked about various issues.

It is noteworthy that officials have warned of Biden’s new strategy regarding his country’s diplomacy, and said the American people cannot bear to return to another 8 years of Obama’s foreign policy, and Biden must move forward towards implementing a foreign policy similar to that of America first.


Separately, Foreign Policy magazine reports that domestic extremism in the United States is the biggest threat to the homeland, but it is not getting enough public attention. She noted that the intelligence services had warned last week that local extremists would attempt violent attacks this year.

In another context, the Washington Post reported that after two months of the post-Trump era, the American media had lost many of its audience and readers.


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