What are the most expensive Arab countries according to the cost of living?

Lebanon is the most expensive Arab country in terms of cost and living expenses, according to the cost-of-living index of the Numbeo website (numbeo.com), which relatively measures the prices of consumer goods, including groceries, restaurants, transportation services, and utilities, compared to the purchasing power of the country’s population, according to what CN reported. that.

The numbeo.com index ranks the cost of living in 138 countries around the world. At the Arab level, Lebanon ranked first in terms of cost of living, and its rank reached 23 globally. Qatar is followed by 34th globally, 36th by the UAE, 4th by Bahrain, 40th by the world, and 43rd by Palestine.

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Libya ranked last at the Arab level, ranked 137th globally.

Here is the ranking of the Arab countries from the most expensive to the cheapest with the cost of living:

most expensive Arab countries

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