Saudi Arabia is open to linking with the “Belt and Road”

  • The Chinese president considers the initiative a “public road” open to all

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said that his country is ready to strengthen the interconnection between Vision 2030 and the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

This came during a call between the Saudi crown prince and Chinese President Xi Jinping, in which they discussed cooperation in the fields of energy, trade and technology, according to the “Al Arabiya” website.

For his part, the Chinese president expressed Beijing’s desire to push forward the strategic partnership with Riyadh, adding, yesterday, that his country will not seek hegemony, and will never participate in an arms race, stressing that the Chinese “Belt and Road” initiative is a public road open to all and not A private path owned by one party ยป.


In a televised speech at the opening of the annual Boao Forum for Asia, Jinping stressed his opposition to a new “cold war” or any ideological confrontation.

In addition, in an unexpected supervisory measure against a prominent member of the ruling Communist Party, Chinese internet companies prevented users from re-publishing a long article written by former Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, mourning his late mother recently, in which he recalled the period of the Cultural Revolution, which the communist regime is trying to forget. In it, he called for fairness, justice, humanity and freedom.

The article, in which Wen mourns his mother, was published in the little-known weekly Macao Herald last Friday, and was posted on a public account on the Chinese WeChat app on Saturday, but it was immediately banned from being published again.

The influential article included details of Wen’s mother’s suffering, her exposure to persecution during the political upheaval and the political cleansing of the Cultural Revolution, which lasted a decade, and the period of the Second Japanese War, and touched upon his father’s place under house arrest and his subjection to brutal interrogation, reprimand and beatings.

“I believe that China should be a country of justice and integrity that respects the will of the people, humanity and human nature,” said the article, which did not directly discuss the current political climate.

The Communist Party sought to tighten censorship of discussion of China’s history on the tightly censored Internet ahead of its centenary celebration in July, and last week launched a hotline to report any “illegal comments” that disrupt its achievements and attack its leaders.

According to CNN, the former prime minister published his article in a mysterious newspaper; Because he did not get approval for publication within the official framework, indicating that the second highest official in China a decade ago could not escape from the increasing censorship and strictness.

Under President Xi Jinping, former leaders used to keep their heads low, but the words of Wen, who was widely regarded as a liberal and relatively reformist figure within the Chinese leadership, broke into social media and was reposted hundreds of thousands of times before the authorities intervened to block them.

Source: Al-Jarida

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