Pilgrims flock to the plain of Arafat to perform the greatest pillar of Hajj

The convoys of pilgrims began with the sunrise this morning, Monday, the ninth of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, to head to the pure level of Arafat, to perform the greatest pillar of Hajj, which is standing on Arafat, which represents the main pillar of the Hajj.
Before heading to Upper Arafat, pilgrims spent the 8th of Dhu al-Hijjah in the Sha’ar of Mina, which is known as the Day of Tarwiyah.

Guests of the Most Merciful gather on the ninth day of the month of Dhul-Hijjah, to perform the greatest pillar of Hajj, which is standing at the level of Mount Arafat from sunrise until sunset. Whoever missed Arafat missed the Hajj.

As the sun sets on this day, the pilgrims begin their journey to Muzdalifah, where they pray Maghrib and Isha, and they stay there until the dawn of tomorrow, the tenth of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah.


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The height of the mountain is 30 meters, and its summit can be reached through 91 degrees, and in the middle is a 4-meter long pole, while Arafat is surrounded by an arc of mountains, and its chord is Wadi Arna.

It is located on the road between Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Taif, about 15 km east of Makkah, 10 km from the Mash’ar Mina, and 6 km from Muzdalifah, with an estimated area of ​​10.4 km², according to the Saudi Press Agency.

About 60,000 residents participate in the rituals, compared to about 2.5 million Muslims who attended in 2019, while the participants were selected from among 558,000 applicants according to an electronic audit system.

In addition, the Saudi authorities are seeking to repeat the success of last year, which was characterized by the great organization and full commitment to preventive measures against the pandemic.

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