Horrific crime in Qatif take the lives of an entire family

The Qatif region in Saudi Arabia witnessed a horrific crime, which took the lives of an entire family, consisting of 4 people, a father, a mother, a young man and a young woman, as a result of an arson attack suspected of the involvement of a relative of the family, according to Al Arabiya TV.

In the details provided by the channel on its website, the offender who is over the age of thirteen, and is a first-degree relative of the family, developed a tight plan in order to carry out the crime, by confining all family members in a room to prevent them from getting out of the midst of the fire, in addition to working. Seal the room from the outside.

According to the information, the perpetrator ignored all distress calls, whether from the father or the mother, as well as the young man and woman, despite the many pleas to save her from certain death, which contributed to the exposure of all family members to many deformities as a result of the fire devouring their bodies.


The culprit sustained injuries in the fire and is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital. It is not known that the culprit suffers from any mental illnesses. [Read Also: Domestic workers migrate from Kuwait to the other Gulf countries]

Kaleem Shaik

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