Saudi Arabia, Oct 1: The police of the Hail region in Saudi Arabia have arrested 3 Saudi citizens who committed two assaults and robberies against residents working in two gas stations.

The media spokesman for the Hail Police, Lieutenant Colonel Sami Al-Shammari, said, “The security follow-up to the crimes of assault on persons resulted in the arrest of 3 citizens in the second and third decades of life, who committed two incidents of assault and robbery against residents working in two gas stations, and they were arrested in their possession of narcotics, and they were arrested and taken.

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They are subject to the initial legal procedures, and they are referred to the Public Prosecution Branch.”

A video of the surveillance cameras inside the gas station, which was widely circulated, showed a car with a Kuwaiti plate refueling, while a passenger outside the car was watching the worker who was working to supply it with fuel, before the worker entered the car by force and then fled the scene of the accident.

It has not yet been announced how they will use the Kuwaiti license plate for the car.



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