Abu Dhabi restricts entry of vaccinated people to public places, Malls, Restaurants

Gulf News Today, June 10: The authorities in Abu Dhabi decided to restrict entry to commercial centers, restaurants, cafes, and other public places, started from June 15, to those who have been vaccinated with the vaccine or have had a recent negative test for the Coronavirus.

The new rules were announced, on Wednesday evening, after the UAE saw a rise in daily infections over the past three weeks. The UAE recorded 2,179 new infections yesterday, Wednesday, up from 1,229 infections on May 17, according to what “Reuters” reported.

The Abu Dhabi Media Office said: The restrictions will also apply to gyms, hotels and their facilities, public parks, beaches, swimming pools, recreational centers, cinemas, and museums.


Visitors will have to prove that they have had the vaccine or show a negative result, for a recent test to detect the Coronavirus through the “Covid-19” application in force in the country, which displays the history of vaccination and tests for each individual.

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The green color will appear on the mobile application, for those who have been vaccinated or whose tests have recorded a negative result.

Those who did not receive the vaccine will have to take a test every three days to maintain the green color on their phones. As for those who received both doses of vaccination, they will have to take a test every 30 days.

And the UAE announced, last month, that attendance at all direct events and social activities, including wedding parties, will be limited to those who can prove that they have received the vaccination.

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The UAE has recorded one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, and it provides its citizens and residents with the “AstraZeneca”, “Pfizer/Biotech”, “Sinopharma” and “Sputnik V” vaccines.

In Abu Dhabi, those vaccinated with the Chinese-made “Sinopharma” vaccine can receive a booster dose of the Pfizer/Biotech vaccine.

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