A UN investigation holds the Houthis responsible for the attack on Aden airport

A UN investigation held the Houthi militia responsible for the attack on Aden airport on December 30, when members of the internationally recognized Yemeni government arrived, and the investigation concluded that the Houthis targeted Aden airport with three precision-guided ballistic missiles, killing at least 22, according to Reuters.

The investigation added that the Houthis tried to target the plane carrying members of the Yemeni government, indicating that the Houthi targeting of Aden Airport violated the rules of international and humanitarian law.

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Two well-informed diplomats indicated that the United Nations experts submitted their report to the United Nations Committee that oversees sanctions related to Yemen, during consultations behind closed doors on Friday, but Russia prevented it from being published on a wider scale, and the two diplomats requested that their names not be published due to the sensitivity of the matter.

The Houthis denied responsibility for the attack when it happened.

The diplomats did not explain why Russia was preventing the publication of the results, and the Russian mission to the United Nations did not respond to a request for comment.


According to media reports, the UN investigation comes at a sensitive time for the new US president, Joe Biden, as his administration and the United Nations are pressuring the Houthis to accept a peace initiative that includes a ceasefire.

Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni government supported the initiative, but the Houthis say it offers nothing new. 


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