#WirsindDortmund: Thousands support Dortmund's

Germany News, March 17: After the announced Dortmund “school boycott” and the ban by the state government, #WirsindDortmund is trending on the Internet. There is a lot of solidarity in thousands of reactions.

The Dortmund “school boycott” provokes nationwide reactions. On Tuesday (March 16) the city of Dortmund announced that it would no longer open the schools on Wednesday . The state government banned this step a few hours later. Under #WirsindDortmund the topic is currently trending on the short message service Twitter.

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There were already over 10,000 tweets by Wednesday morning (9.45 a.m.) – and the trend is rising. Among other things, the city of Bochum posts statements by Lord Mayor Thomas Eiskirch.

Affected students also speak out in postings and criticize the fact that compulsory schooling forces you to put yourself at risk of infection.

Other users draw connections to the Fridays for future movement and encourage a school strike.


On the original tweet of the city of Dortmund, in which the school closings were announced on Tuesday afternoon, there are now thousands of reactions with a wide range.

The announcement caused a sensation nationwide on Tuesday:

The state government had given the idea a clear rejection just a few hours after it became known:


The idea sparked emotional reactions among the Dortmund teaching staff:

The city parents’ chairwoman reported mixed reactions from parenting:

Student representatives were irritated and reported increasing wear and tear:


The idea itself will initially have no consequences, as the city cannot decide to close schools on its own. Is it all just theater? We analyze this in a video conversation.


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