German, March 17: Places like the Tower of Pisa or the Sydney Opera House today light up in green. The reason is St. Patrick’s Day.

Dublin. In honor of Irish St. Patrick’s Day, on Wednesday many places will again shine in bright green. Cities from around the world have been participating in the Irish tradition since 2010, defeating the Opera or the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Sydney.

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Also on the island, the national color will not be overlooked on 17 March – including a light show in Dublin with hundreds of drones. Due to the epidemic, however, the Irish largely have to switch to virtual ceremonies. The traditional parades in Dublin and Belfast have been canceled for the second year in a row.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated internationally

Queen Elizabeth II greeted neighbors on her special day and recalled her visit in May 2011. “We are connected with families, friendship and affection – the foundation of our partnership, which is as important today as it was ten years ago,” a 94-year-old statement.


March 17 marks the death anniversary of St. Patrick (circa 385–461), who was involved in spreading Christianity on the “Hare Islands” in the 5th century. Irish immigrants also brought ceremonies to the United States in honor of their national saint. On St. Patrick’s Day, parades now take place in many countries. (dpa)


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