Election slap for the CDU What now, Mr. Laschet #Landtagswahl2021

#Landtagswahl2021: The CDU does historically poorly in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. Now the Union must quickly clarify the question of leadership. A comment.

Normally it works like this: The CDU suffers losses, explains this with country-specific peculiarities and then refers to Angela Merkel.

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So far, she has not had much to do with bad results, but was the guarantee that everything will somehow be fine for the Christian Democrats in the end.It’s different now.

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Election slap for the CDU What now, Mr. Laschet

The CDU is at the mercy of the voters’ vote. The patron saint Angela Merkel is as good as gone. And the new party leader Armin Laschet still seems far too weak for this role.

He is now starting the super election year 2021 with two electoral defeats.


In the home state of Baden-Württemberg and also in the former home state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the party has lost significantly.

The CDU crashes – also because bad corona management, vaccination disasters and mask affair are simply too much for a party that actually has to rearrange itself.

And that is exactly the task now. The Union must clarify the question of leadership Fast. 


Because it looks different in the federal government. Here the Union is ahead despite slumps. She has a good chance of appointing the next chancellor. Just who is that supposed to be?

Söder versus Laschet

The CDU would do well to make a quick decision now, because the two main contenders, party leader Laschet and CSU leader Markus Söder, are not only different types, they also represent different political approaches. 

The whole direction of the Christian Democrats for the coming months depends on this question. For Laschet, the two elections are a hard blow. But no knockout yet.


The election in Rhineland-Palatinate in particular shows how crucial trust-inspiring, pragmatic and reliable figures are at the top. Many complaints about bad corona management did not come from Rhineland-Palatinate.

It was different in Baden-Württemberg. But it didn’t hurt Kretschmann.The Greens can score points in both countries and thus underpin their claim to leadership in the federal government.

The victory in the southwest shows the Greens one thing above all else: They can actually only beat themselves. However, they have often demonstrated the ability to do this in the past.


And the SPD? She will draw hope from Malu Dreyer’s victory. On the other hand, there is the bitter decline in Baden-Württemberg. There the former People’s Party is on a par with the FDP and AfD.

If this continued like this, even in the hoped-for traffic light coalition in the federal government, only third place would remain. It was a good election Sunday for the FDP, which shows that the liberals can be successful if they do not bind themselves too slavishly to the CDU.

The right margin did not benefit

There is one thing that will please not only the Christian Democrats: at least in these two countries, the AfD does not benefit from the weakness of the CDU. 


There is certainly also disappointment, anger and lost trust due to the corona policy in the southwest, but it is not reflected in the electoral successes of the right-wing fringe.

In any case, this is a good signal from the Rhine, Neckar and Moselle rivers.

With the two elections, the Christian Democrats have clearly seen that their political personnel cannot yet carry them into the post-Merkel era. In the federal cabinet, it currently does not represent any hope, at least not anymore.


Health Minister Spahn can no longer fill this role. The countries remain. Laschet and Söder remain. Both can at least claim to be compatible with the Greens as well as the FDP and SPD.

But the party should not be guided by this question when choosing the candidate. It’s all about who has the greatest chance of success with the electorate. In the end, it can be a neck-and-neck race with the Greens. And then it will depend on the candidate for chancellor. On both sides, however.


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