“Captain Kirk” William Shatner celebrates the 90s on the Enterprise

  • Even in old age, “James T. Kirk” still fights with trolls on Twitter and meets with “Star Trek” fans.

There is not much that could stop the captain of “Starship Enterprise” – a global pandemic is certainly not one of them. And so actor William Shatner celebrates – for “Star Trek” fans: “Captain James T. Kirk” – his birthday in July on the set of the famous series in the town of Ticonderoga north of New York, as local media report. The Canadian science fiction veteran will be 90 years old on March 22nd.

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That he would appreciate his audience well into old age could already be guessed at when William Alan Shatner was a child – he loved to be on the stage. The business student also tried his hand at the theater during college. With success: After stints on New York’s Broadway and television, he was acclaimed in 1966 with the role of “Captain Kirk”.


At least from today’s perspective. It wasn’t until “Star Trek” was discontinued after three seasons due to low ratings and old episodes were repeated in the early 1970s that the small fan base grew into a global “Trekkie” community.

Avid twitterer

The famous spaceship (“Space – infinite expanses. We are writing the year 2200”) is no longer mentioned in Shatner’s Twitter biography. Instead it says: “Father of three girls. Canadians! Not political – be warned or be blocked!” With the short message service, the jovial-looking Golden Globe and Emmy winner makes his 2.5 million fans happy with tweets practically every day. 

And it seems almost popular that even a star (trek) actor on the Internet repeatedly and with great passion engages in skirmishes with trolls, that Shatner apparently cannot stop arguing with anonymous users.


Otherwise, the artist has always staged himself in the past for good occasions. He supported 20 organizations and 19 charities, according to the Look to the Stars website.

In 2006 Shatner sold a kidney stone to an online casino for tens of thousands of dollars and donated the money to the “Habitat for Humanity” association, which builds houses for the needy. With his horse show in Hollywood that has existed for decades, he generates revenue for charities.

Shatner recently made headlines with his divorce from his fourth wife, Elizabeth Martin. According to media reports, he said after the separation in 2019, but conciliatory: “It’s all good here. It’s all good. I wish us all all the best.”


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