AfD elects the new party leadership at the face to face event

Berlin, March 13, Saturday: The Berlin AfD re-elects its top at a party congress on Saturday. A power struggle is to be expected over the party chairmanship: The parliamentary group leader in the Berlin House of Representatives, Georg Pazderski, and the Bundestag member Beatrix von Storch want to form a dual leadership. 

The politician Kristin Brinker from the House of Representatives, who has long been considered an internal party opponent of Pazderski, also announced a candidacy. The outcome of the vote is open.

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AfD is provisionally led by Nicolaus Fest

The Berlin AfD has not had a regularly elected board for a good year and has been provisionally led by MEP Nicolaus Fest since then. She had to cancel planned party conventions several times because she couldn’t find a room. 

Most recently, a party conference planned in Berlin-Kaulsdorf failed in November 2020 because the authorities had concerns about fire protection.

AfD meets in the closed amusement park in pairs in Glien

The AfD is now meeting in an amusement park closed due to Corona in Paaren in Glen in Brandenburg, west of Berlin. In contrast to the practice of other parties, who recently organized their party congresses mostly fully or partially online because of the pandemic, the AfD relies on the presence of around 250 delegates. 


Only a few journalists are permitted as guests, and masks are required. The public order office monitors compliance with the corona rules. 300 counter-demonstrators protest. The alliance against right-wing Falkensee and left-wing groups from Berlin called for this.

Source: Local Media (morgenpost)


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