Europe is rushing its decision about the Pfizer vaccine, and more countries are officially adopting it

World News: With more than 73 million new coronavirus infections, the global frontline to fight the infection is growing every day, and the list of countries that have launched mass vaccination campaigns or countries that the United States has almost encouraged to launch the largest campaign in their history is growing with two companies called “Pfizer – Biotech” selling. Waiting for the green light.

Berlin has put pressure on Brussels to expedite the issuance of relevant licenses in the European Union to use the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 before Christmas.

The German newspaper “Build” quoted sources close to the German government in yesterday’s edition, saying that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office and the German Ministry of Health were pressuring the European Union to stop using both the European Medicines Agency and the European Union. To approve the vaccine by December 23 and not as planned by December 29, and Federal Health Minister Jens Spann has previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the delay in the approval process for this vaccine.


German pressure seems to have paid off when the European Medicines Control Agency in Amsterdam announced that it would submit its vaccine approval report 8 days later on the twenty-first of this month. Before the previously scheduled date.

Agency approval for the vaccine is now verified and will be allowed to air before Christmas.

While the European Union is still in the process of evaluating the Pfizer biotech vaccine, more countries have announced that they have begun the vaccination process. Saudi Arabia has announced a three-stage vaccination campaign for a new coronavirus vaccine, allowing citizens and residents to register after the Pfizer / Biotech vaccine is approved. Use it last Thursday.


The first phase targets citizens and residents over the age of 65, as well as those with occupations that are chronically ill, while the second phase includes the category of people over the age of 50.

The official news agency (SPA) said the third phase in a country of 34 million people would open the door to all citizens and residents who want to be vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health has announced that if the vaccine is available for free, the Saudis and its residents will be able to register for the vaccine through a phone application.


The Ministry of Health has issued a license to import the “Pfizer-Biotech” vaccine, official television in Sultanate, Oman announced yesterday.

Similarly, the Food and Drug Administration in Jordan has granted emergency leave to use the Pfizer vaccine, official sources said.

“The Foundation has issued an emergency license to use the Pfizer anti – corona vaccine in Jordan,” Foundation Director General Nizar Mahidat announced last night.


Muhaidat said “two vaccine companies are also considering approving the use of two more vaccines.” The Pfizer vaccine will reach Jordan in February.

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok has announced that his country has received 8.4 million doses of the vaccine against the Kovid-19 pandemic, which are being given to immunize “severely affected areas, especially the medical sector.” Hamdock did not disclose which vaccine came to his country or how the vaccine was acquired, nor did he announce the date of the first vaccination operation.

In Asia, Singapore was added to the list of countries that have approved the vaccine and Canada launched the first phase of the vaccine yesterday.


In America, the race between the vaccine and the virus outbreak is intensifying, and after deaths topped between 300,000 and 16 million and one and a half million infections, current Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller has been given the anti-covid-19 vaccine dose. At one point, he stepped in front of photographer lenses to encourage citizens to follow. The nurse injected Miller in the left upper arm while sitting in front of photographers’ lenses at Walter Reed Military Hospital in suburban Washington.

The current minister jokingly said: “Is that so? God be with you! It’s not painful at all. ”

Miller was one of the first Americans to receive the vaccine, after nurse Sandra Lindsay, who received the first vaccine.


Adil Khan

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