Congressional building bomber succumbed to his injury

WASHINGTON – (Agencies) The US police announced that two of its ranks were injured near the Capitol Building in Washington, after they were hit by a car and its driver was arrested.

“A suspect is being held, both officers are injured,” Capitol Police said on Twitter. “The three have been taken to hospital.”

In the same context, American media reported that initial information indicates that there were wounded after a car broke through a security barrier of the Capitol building, referring to police officers who arrested two people associated with the threats, pointing out that President Joe Biden will meet with members of the security team after the Capitol incident.


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An eyewitness said, according to what was reported by “Reuters” agency, that the streets surrounding the (Capitol) building and buildings belonging to it were closed, adding that the police deployed heavily in the area due to a security threat.

Later, American media said that the Congressional police closed a number of streets, with the massive deployment of National Guard forces after the congressional incident.

It reported that the congressman’s attacker was seriously wounded after being shot, and then announced that the attacker had died of his wounds.

Kaleem Shaik

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