Cartoonist who insulted the Prophet was killed in a terrible traffic accident

Swedish cartoonist Lars Felix, the author of cartoons insulting the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, was killed in a terrible traffic accident.

The 75-year-old painter and two policemen who were with him were killed after their car collided with a truck, Swedish police confirmed to AFP.

“The accident is being investigated like any other traffic accident,” a police spokesman told AFP. But because it is also related to the killing of two policemen, a special section of the Public Prosecutor’s Office has been assigned to this investigation.”


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The accident occurred near the small town of Markarid when the car in which Felix was traveling collided with a truck, both vehicles caught fire, but the truck driver was rescued, who is now undergoing treatment in hospital, police said.

A police statement indicated that the cause of the accident was not clear.


“The person we were protecting died along with two police officers in this unimaginably sad tragedy,” regional police chief Karina Pearson said.

Felix has lived under police protection since 2007 after receiving threats for caricatured cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.


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