Britain approves a test for the Coronavirus… its result will appear in 20 seconds

Britain, March 27: Britain has approved a rapid test to detect the Coronavirus, which shows its result in just 20 seconds, as it was revealed today, Friday.

The UK startup iAbra stated that the Virolens test had received approval from the Supreme Medical Authority in Britain, after it was tested at London’s Heathrow Airport, according to what was revealed by the British newspaper, The Daily Mail.

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Test for the Corona virus and its result will appear in 20 seconds

The company hopes to launch its product on a larger scale in the coming months, as the United Kingdom comes out of the closure, specifically in airports, sports and workplaces.


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Test method

The test involves a swab of saliva from the inner cheeks, in contrast to the more common swabs from the nose and tonsils, which can be uncomfortable.

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The swabs are inserted into a cartridge that goes into the Virolens device, which is the size of a coffee machine, which cleans the sample for corona virus, inside the device there is a digital camera connected to a microscope that checks the sample through a computer programmed to detect the virus.

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Users take their own sample, need only one trained person to operate the machine, and each scanner is capable of running hundreds of tests per day.

Detection accuracy


The company that distributes the test claims that it is one of the most rapid and accurate tools in detecting the virus, as its accuracy in detecting people infected with the virus has reached 98 percent.

The product was tested at Heathrow Airport, and its performance has been compared with PCR tests, which can take several days to show results, and it turns out to be similar in result.

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This new test, designed in Britain shows that the UK can continue to play a major role in the global battle against Covid-19 and help move the world again,” said company director Gus Bassett, adding: “The speed of the test, along with the offering the vaccine enables us to return to normal life, making the reopening of the economy and tourism safer for everyone. ”


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