Britain: 3 million pets sold during Corona isolation

Britain, March 16: A statistic in Britain revealed that more than 3 million families bought a pet during the Corona pandemic. This brings the total of UK pets to 34 million, including 12 million cats, 12 million dogs, 5 million water animals, 3.2 million small mammals, 3 million birds, and 1.5 million reptiles. This means that 17 million families have at least one pet.

The BBC website quoted the Pet Food Manufacturers Association that conducted the survey that many have bought pets due to the isolation conditions imposed by the Corona pandemic. What is striking, however, is that more than half of the new owners are between the ages of 16 and 34 years.

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The website said that major stores in the country reported an unprecedented increase in sales of food for cats and dogs, warning of a shortage of these products.

74% of those surveyed said their pet helped their mental health while dealing with the limitations of the pandemic. On the other hand, 5% of those who bought a pet said they abandoned it after caring for it was more difficult than they expected.

All this increased the concerns of the Royal Society for Animal Welfare from the implications of the new living conditions on the psychological health of animals, especially after their owners return to their work at the end of the closure and after they got used to being around them permanently.


Adil Khan

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