American pressure on Russia continues and a senator warns of Navalny’s death

The prominent member of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Republican Senator Jim Risch, called on Russia to immediately release Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, warning that his life is in danger.

He said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “Alexei Navalny is in poor health, and his ill-treatment and imprisonment threatens his life as well. The Russian government should release him immediately, and provide him with appropriate care. ”

For his part, Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders said: “Activist Alexei Navalny is being killed in front of the world by Vladimir Putin for committing a crime exposing Putin’s colossal corruption. Navalny’s doctors should be allowed to see him immediately.”


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International pressure

Washington and Europe are continuing their pressure on Russia to release Navali, amid warnings of a deteriorating health condition that could lead to his death.


The US National Security Adviser warned of consequences if Navalny died in prison, and said in an interview on CNN, “I will not disclose what sanctions we may impose, but there will be penalties if Navalny dies.”



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