America: Minneapolis police chief resigns and a policewoman accidentally killed a brown man

The policewoman resigned who shot dead a black-skinned young man in his car in a suburb of Minneapolis, when she fired her pistol during a traffic light problem, and the city police chief, who described the killing as an accident on Tuesday, following civil unrest that lasted over two nights. According to Reuters.

The mayor of Brooklyn Center, which borders Minnesota’s largest city, said the two had resigned a day after the sheriff said during a press briefing that the policeman who killed 20-year-old Donny Wright on Sunday appeared to have accidentally pulled her pistol instead from an electric stun.

Brooklyn Center mayor, Mike Elliott, told reporters that the city council had issued a decree demanding the dismissal of the two police chief Tim Janon and the policeman behind the incident, Kim Potter, who had served for 26 years from the police.


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Calm message

“I hope this will bring some calm to the community,” Elliott said, adding that he had not yet accepted Potter’s resignation, leaving the door open to her dismissal. “We want to send a message to the community that we are taking the situation seriously.”


Terminating Potter’s contract rather than allowing her to resign would negatively affect her pension and her ability to find work in the security forces elsewhere.

Protests and clashes

The move came after protests and clashes between protesters and police over two nights in the Brooklyn Center, which forms part of a region undergoing high tension, due to the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis cop accused of killing George Floyd in May of last year.



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