A US medical official: Corona infiltrated a laboratory in China. Image Source [email protected]

Robert Redfield, former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), believes that the Coronavirus has infiltrated from a laboratory in China, according to Agence France-Presse reported.

Redfield, who held the highest health position in the United States during the reign of former President Donald Trump, indicated to CNN at first to his estimate that “this virus began to transmit sometime between September and October in Wuhan, China.”

After stressing that he provides an “opinion only”, he said, “I am with the view that I still believe that the most likely cause of this virus in Wuhan is a laboratory, and it has infiltrated.”


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He added, “Some people do not believe this, and this is good, as science will eventually find the cause, but it is not unusual for respiratory viruses to be worked on in a laboratory where they work.”

And Wuhan, which is located in central China, houses the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which has conducted extensive experiments on coronaviruses in bats.


“This does not indicate any intentional action, this is my opinion, but I am a virologist and I have spent my life in virology,” Redfield said.

He added, “I do not think that this (virus) moved in some way from a bat to a person, and then at that moment in time this virus that reached man became one of the most contagious viruses known to mankind and is transmitted from person to person.”

He pointed out that “usually when an animal source virus is transmitted to humans, it takes some time to discover how it becomes more and more effective in transmitting from one person to another. I do not think it makes sense from a biological point of view.”
When Sanjay Gupta, who is moderating the conversation, asked his guest Redfield if he thought the virus was made in a laboratory to be more effective in spreading, the former CDC director replied, “Let’s just say I have the Coronavirus and I’m working on it.”


“Most of us are in laboratories trying to grow viruses, and we are trying to help them grow in a better, better, and better way so that we can conduct experiments on them to understand them. I form the idea in this way,” he said.

Redfield’s views contradict the prevailing theory among scientists that the SARS-Cove-2 virus, which is genetically related to the Coronavirus in bats, was transmitted to humans naturally and possibly through an intermediate animal.

A large proportion of the first infections in December 2019 and January 2020 were linked to the Huanan Fish Market in Wuhan, which was also selling wild animals.


It is suspected that this market was the source of the epidemic or played a significant role in its outbreak.

The World Health Organization has conducted an investigation into the virus that lasted from January to February and included China, and its results are scheduled to be announced soon.


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