Who is Rain Hanuman? Arson suspect identified in Boulder grass fire

Who is Rain Hanuman? Multiple sources report that 31 year old Rain Hanuman has been identified by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office as a suspect in the recent grass fire that sparked on the University of Colorado Boulder’s campus on December 23.

The fire burned in an open field near the campus’ Space Sciences Building along Discovery Drive. It reached 6.5 acres before it was contained.

Hanuman faces charges of arson and reckless endangerment. [Read Also: Sardine Canyon accident update: One woman critically injured in car]


The Denver Channel reports that Hanuman also faces an arson charge related to another incident that took place in Longmont in September.

In that case, she took a plea deal on December 17 that resulted in a 98-day jail sentence and a year and a half of probation. Elsewhere in Colorado, an arson suspect has also been identified by authorities in the case of the Jefferson County Oak Fire.

More information on that case will be released as the investigation continues.

Kaleem Shaik

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