Who is Jonah Falcon? Jonah Falcon is a American man who claims he has biggest pennis in the world and its measures 34 cms (13.5 inches). Jonah Falcon appeared in the UK TV show where hosts Phillip Schofield and Josie Gibson had explained its size by comparing it to everyday objects.

Who has pennis in the world?

In the Recent a American man from New York who says he has the “world’s biggest penis” on TV show and he has stunned TV hosts with an explicit picture of his package.


However, he took all the imagination out of it by pushing a picture of his member from his phone in front of the TV duo.

“This is just for you, so you don’t have to do all that imagining,” Falcon told TV Hosts.

Phillip, shocked, said: “Hellfire. Congratulations.”

Clearly stunned, Gibson could do little more than offer: “Oh, my good…”

In the interview Falcon detailed how people wrongly try to label him as a “bad person”, “egotistic”, a “porn star”, “I’m dumb”, or a “sl*t” for having what’s been labelled a “Jumbo Johnson”.


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