attackers on SEPTA train viral video

Who are the attackers on SEPTA train viral video? A recent video of a group of young black women on a SEPTA train assaulting several other people, who appear to be of Asian descent, has gone viral, with the public transportation authority launching an investigation into the troubling incident.

Who are the attackers on SEPTA train viral video?

The video clip showed several black women yelling and shouting at students (Victims are described as students by the media), with the verbal conflict quickly escalating into a fight. One of the African American girls in the video is seen throwing a punch, and an Asian “student” ends up on the floor, being beaten and even hit with a shoe.

The incident is said to have taken place in Philadelphia on a Broad Street Line train near SEPTA’s Erie Station on Wednesday.


SEPTA train viral video of Black Female Youth Group Assaulting Asian ‘Students’

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What is the cause of this incident?

The motive behind the disturbing incident on the train has not yet been revealed by investigators and it is unclear whether there was any racial motive behind the attack or else, right now (at the time this article published) with reports describing the victims as mere “students” an the attackers is not known.


A SEPTA spokesperson, cited by NBC Philadelphia, called the altercation “violent and disturbing”. According to the spokesperson, there were no serious injuries.


The transportation authority, along with Philadelphia Police, Philadelphia School Administration officials, School District Police, and the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission, is investigating the incident.

“SEPTA Police were notified and immediately launched an investigation. Progress has been made in identifying individuals who were involved in the assault. Investigators are continuing to interview witnesses and reviewing cell phone video that has been released on social media, as well as SEPTA surveillance video”, SEPTA Media Relations Director Andrew Busch said in a statement as cited by ABC 6.

Philadelphia City Councilman David Oh also weighed in on the incident, calling it “disgraceful”.


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