New Video of Robbers Smash-and-Grab on Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills Store

Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills Store stolen Video: New video has been released that showed a group of assailants using what appeared to be sledgehammers to smash a Windows of Beverly Hills jewelry store’s before snatching the jewelry on display and running Tuesday.

Cheif of Police said he was adding a camera trailer, extra security patrols, and an extra special watch from officers in the 200 block of South Beverly Drive. Hes added “we were investigating the case”.

According to Beverly Hills police and video evidences shows about five robbers rolled up in a stolen vehicle, and then used sledgehammers to smash the windows of a jewelry store.


After quickly smashing the window, the group snatched handfuls of jewelry and ran.

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Aerial images from NewsChopper4 showed the business is called Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills. The thieves got away with an estimated $5 million worth of jewelry, Beverly Hills police said.m

Video from a passersby showed the crime happening in real time, with five robbers smashing the window before scooping up the jewelry on display and running. [Read Also: Who is Bredan Harvey? Walmart Rape Suspect Age, Wiki, Gf]

Police said because the robbers had their faces covered and drove in a stolen car, it will be very

The car, initially stolen out of Long Beach, was recovered by police. Beverly Hills had previously bolstered security in the wake of follow-home robberies and smash-and-grab robberies. Cameras are on many Beverly Hills streets after the rash of crimes.

Source of New Video of Smash-and-Grab Robbers Use Sledgehammers on Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills Store link is here

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