$50,000 reward for a Syrian immigrant who reported the New York shooter

Kuwait City, April 14: A 21-year-old Syrian immigrant received a reward of $50,000 and turned into a hero in the United States of America, after its police pointed out the man who was the first wanted man for 29 hours. The tunnels in New York, and ended with his arrest at one in the afternoon yesterday, Wednesday.

However, things certainly did not end for Zakaria Dahan, or “Zach” as his first name is abbreviated, until after he reaps the fruits of his heroism, the first of which is that he receives from the city police a reward, which she had previously announced to give to the one who leads her to the wanted Frank James, 62 years old.

Dahan, an immigrant for 5 years in New York, and a worker in a company that installs surveillance cameras of all kinds, held a press conference yesterday in the street, where dozens of journalists surrounded him, some of whom demanded a double reward, because no one knows what Frank James was going to do , if he remained hidden.


James directly wounded 10 people during his operation, and wounded 13 others, by detonating a smoke bomb and firing 33 bullets from a semi-automatic pistol. His pistol suddenly betrayed him and broke down, so he ran away from the place and disappeared, leaving those nearby in great terror, including Dahan, who was heading to work and saw him.

According to what Dahan told reporters, Zakaria recognized the accused while he was installing one of the surveillance cameras. He appeared to him while he was in a Manhattan neighborhood. He whispered to himself and said: “Oh, my God, this is the man (..) He was carrying a bag on his shoulder and walking on the sidewalk. Then put it on the street.

He added, “The moment I saw a lot of people coming after him,” I went and said to them, “Please go some distance, this man will do something.” Then he glimpsed a police car. [Read Also: KGF chapter 2 download telegram link leaked Online | KGF chapter 2 download 1080p]

Kaleem Shaik

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