UK Travel list: Kuwait remains on the yellow list

With the completion of the review of the lists, the return of life, and the reopening of borders, Britain today began implementing new measures to lift health restrictions as part of the exit plan for the emerging Corona pandemic, as announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

And according to what official sources at the British Embassy told that new changes announced by the British government today stipulate that travelers coming from countries that fall on the yellow list, including Kuwait, must be subject to quarantine for a period of ten days.

The sources added, “The update announced by the British government regarding exemption from quarantine concerns only citizens and residents who received the approved vaccine in Britain through the NHS, and does not include travelers from countries on the yellow list, including Kuwait.”

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The sources pointed out that travelers coming from the list of “yellow countries”, including Kuwait, are allowed to adhere to the home quarantine / their place of residence, and they have the option to reduce the quarantine period to five days only, provided that the result of the examination is negative on the fifth day.

And she added: “They will have to pay the costs of the examination and book the test appointment themselves in one of the health facilities approved by the government, noting that most travelers must fill out a form to determine the public health sites for passengers, within 48 hours of the arrival date.”


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