Travel ticket prices drop 70% with the opening of schools

Kuwait City, Sep 25: Hussein Al-Sulaiten, a member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Tourism and Travel Offices and the head of the media committee of the union, said that the demand for travel from Kuwait has become less due to the start of the school year, noting that the destinations of Turkey, Egypt, and London are still the most sought after by travelers.

Al-Sulaiten explained that ticket prices during the next month will witness a decrease after reaching record prices in the last period, as the price of the “Kuwait-Cairo” destination, round trip, will range between 130 and 160 dinars, which means a decrease of 70% after it reached 500 dinars with the beginning of the opening. Direct flights between the two countries.

As for the return trip only from Cairo to Kuwait, Al-Sulaiten said that it will range between 200 and 320 dinars on average, noting that the price of the “Kuwait-Dubai” ticket will range between 190 and 210 dinars.


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Al-Sulaiten stated that so far, ticket prices have not returned to normal, due to the limitation of the operating capacity of those coming to Kuwait International Airport to 10 thousand passengers per day from all destinations, which reduces the seating capacity available to all airlines and thus leads in some destinations to a rise Ticket prices.

Regarding the recent decision issued by the Ministry of Awqaf regarding preventing some offices from issuing advertisements for Umrah trips, Al-Sulaiten explained that tourism and travel offices have their own licenses issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the General Administration of Civil Aviation to book hotels and flights of all kinds and at the level of all countries and cities of the world, including Makkah hotels and flights to Jeddah.


Tourism and travel offices do not work in the group system and do not work in the campaign system, whether for Umrah or Hajj, and the companies that work in this matter have specific licenses from the Ministry of Awqaf, and tourism and travel offices have nothing to do with this matter.

Adil Khan

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