Traffic is still low at the Kuwait airport

Kuwait airport
  • Traffic is still low at the airport and it is expected that 30,000 passengers will arrive per day.

Kuwait City, Oct 25: Although the decision to return to operating Kuwait International Airport at its full capacity has entered into force in theory as of yesterday, the steps for practical application need an additional period, which was evident during a tour by local media at the airport, where yesterday witnessed a shy movement with the operation of 164 Round trip. Reported by Al-Rai.

The Deputy Director-General for Planning and Projects Affairs in the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Engineer Saad Al-Otaibi, confirmed the readiness to increase the airport’s capacity, as it was before the “Covid 19” pandemic, noting that the Cabinet’s decision aims to facilitate travel and provide the required seats for those who wish to travel during next period.

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In a statement, Al-Otaibi said that there is permanent coordination with the government agencies operating at the airport, led by the Ministries of Interior, Health, and the General Administration of Customs, praising the role of the authorities that are making double efforts to make operations at the airport successful.

He pointed out that the increase in capacity gives the market a kind of balance between supply and demand in terms of ticket prices, for some destinations whose prices are still high, due to the great demand for them, explaining that the airport is currently witnessing relative stability in the movement of passengers, whether arriving or departing, especially that « October is not one of the busy travel seasons, and we hope that prices will return to stability.”

For his part, the Director of Operations Department at the airport, Mansour Al-Hashemi told Al-Rai, “In the implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers, we coordinated with the authorities operating at Kuwait Airport, and were briefed on the plan to return to operating the airport at its full capacity, and then the airlines, tourism, and travel companies were informed of the return of the airport. navigational movement, and that Kuwait International Airport will operate at its full operational capacity, whether by departure or arrival, without any conditions or restrictions, taking into account the adherence to the health requirements followed.”


Al-Hashemi added that with the return to work as it was before the Coronavirus pandemic, Kuwait International Airport witnessed yesterday “the departure and arrival of 146 flights to several destinations, most notably Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Republic of Egypt, Turkey and Europe, and we expect that the number of passengers per day will reach about 30 thousand passengers. Leaving and returning.


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