Prices of Flight Tickets 1400kd from Dubai to Kuwait

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Travel and Tourism Offices, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, revealed that recent government decisions to prevent non-Kuwaitis from entering through the airport confused travelers, and contributed to raising tickets to record levels, amounting to 1400 dinars for the next flight from Dubai to Kuwait.

Al-Mutairi said in a statement to Al-Qabas, that many residents want to return before the decision to prevent them from entering the country takes effect, starting next Sunday, as airline reservation systems are witnessing great confusion, especially since many flights were canceled next week, and there are citizens.

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Residents cannot find return flights. He announced that the total number of canceled tickets, after the implementation of the Cabinet’s decision, amounted to 14,000 tickets, while losses would amount to 1,400,000 dinars.

Source: Al-Qabas


Adil Khan

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