Kuwaitis and Qataris still need a visa to travel to the Schengen area

Kuwait City, April 28: The Ambassador of the European Union to Kuwait and Qatar, Dr. Christian Tudor, Kuwait and Qatar, after being included in the Schengen visa exemption list, considered it an important and major achievement after the two countries proved that they are major partners of the European Union.

In a statement, Tudor said, “We noticed a few days before the official announcement of the listing from the European Commission, some misinformation spread in social media, which indicates that Kuwaiti and Qatari citizens no longer need a visa to travel to the Schengen area.”

He added, “It is important to realize that while the proposal is an important acknowledgment of our strong partnership with Kuwait and Qatar, it is nevertheless the first step in a multi-stage legislative process that will eventually result in a visa-free travel agreement, but until we reach this final milestone, Kuwaitis and Qataris still need to apply for a visa to travel to the Schengen area.”


He continued, “It is up to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to study the proposal and take a decision on allowing visa-free travel to the European Union, pointing out that Parliament will vote by a simple majority, and after Parliament adopts its position, the Council may decide to accept Parliament’s position, and in this case the position is taken.” Adopt the proposal or may adopt a different position, and address Parliament on it in a second reading.

He explained that if the proposed European Parliament and Council of the European Union were to be adopted, the European Commission would negotiate a visa waiver agreement with Kuwait and Qatar respectively in order to ensure full reciprocity with regard to visas for EU citizens. [Read Also: Horrific crime in Qatif take the lives of an entire family]

He indicated that visa-free travel to the European Union for citizens of Kuwait and Qatar will begin when the visa exemption agreement becomes effective, but given the complexities of EU legislative procedures, it is difficult to estimate how long the process will take.

He added, “While we eagerly await the completion of visa-free travel procedures, I invite all friends of Europe in Kuwait to join the 17 ambassadors from the European Union countries represented in Kuwait in order to celebrate Europe Day at Al-Shaheed Park, phase two, in the multi-purpose hall from 8 am to 9 pm. 10.30 pm, on May 9, when this celebration will be a great opportunity and will be open to the public to listen to musical performances, and to explore the cultures and traditions of the European Union countries.”

Tudor stated that under the European Commission’s proposal to raise visa requirements for citizens of Kuwait and Qatar, Kuwaitis and Qataris who hold passports with biometric features will not need a visa when traveling to the European Union on short commercial, tourist or family visits that do not exceed 90 days, during a period of time. 180 days.

Tudor concluded, that Kuwait and Qatar do not pose any significant risk with regard to migration, and they also enhance cooperation with the European Union on security issues, and issue passports with biometric features, which is a prerequisite for visa-free travel to the European Union, pointing out that the two countries have made reforms In the field of human rights in the two countries, they are also important trading partners of the European Union, especially in the field of energy.

Adil Khan

Adil Khan writes about Kuwait National News for Mykuwaits, out of Kuwait. Adil Khan is a senior reporter for Mykuwaits.com and has frequently written about the latest developments in the State of Kuwait. Adil Khan is available on Facebook at the below link, Please send in your leads and tips.
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