Kuwait determines the number of passengers coming from Egypt to start direct flights

Kuwait City, Sep 1: The General Administration of Civil Aviation that administration has set a quota for the number of arrivals from Egypt to Kuwait, against the background of the Cabinet’s approval to raise the airport’s capacity to 10,000 passengers per day. Reported by Al-Qabas.

The sources said that a letter sent today, Wednesday, to the Egyptian civil aviation, specifies the specific percentage of local and Egyptian airlines so that it is 1,562 passengers arriving in the country per day, including 781 passengers for local airlines and the same for Egyptian airlines.

The sources stated that the direct operation with Egypt will be throughout the week, as 1562 passengers will be received daily, i.e. an average of 10,934 per week.


They pointed out that the letter addressed to Egypt confirmed that the quota of numbers came after the competent authorities in the State of Kuwait evaluated the commercial operation at Kuwait International Airport after it was decided to start direct operation according to the seat capacities between the two brotherly countries for the upcoming flights to Kuwait International Airport.

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They added that the letter called on the Egyptian civil aviation to kindly agree to operate the air carriers of the State of Kuwait provided that the Egyptian civil aviation determine the companies that will operate from the Egyptian side’s share, as determined, so that the companies’ operating schedules can be approved without delay.

The sources pointed out that the letter stressed that the competent authorities in the State of Kuwait will consider increasing seat capacities in the near future and after a health assessment, explaining that the seating capacity of flights departing from Kuwait Airport does not have any restrictions.

Adil Khan

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