Kuwait Airways stop some tourist destination flights this summer

Kuwait City, Sep 23: Kuwait Airways is going to stop some summer travel destinations, including Malaga, Sarajevo, Bodrum and Trabzon, starting from next October, explaining that the suspension is due to the need of the market, supply and demand, which is a normal matter being studied after the summer season based on Economic feasibility of running some lines.

The sources added that Kuwait Airways operates continuous flights throughout the year, as it gradually increased, especially with the gradual increase in seat capacities granted by the civil aviation authorities in the country.

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The sources confirmed that Kuwait Airways covers, through its operational network, all regional and international destinations, the East-West Association, including New York, Europe, the Gulf states, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, the Far East and China.

The sources revealed that there is a plan being worked on to open new lines during the coming period, including Sohag, Alexandria, Khartoum, Casablanca and Amsterdam, stressing that these lines are still under study and are linked to the approvals of the official authorities as well as to the plan of operating capacities allowed in accordance with health requirements.


Adil Khan

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