Kuwait Airport witnessed full of Citizens, return trip yesterday

Yesterday, Kuwait International Airport witnessed stability in the level of operating flights, whether departing or arriving, on the first day of implementing the Cabinet’s decision to prevent entry to the country for non-Kuwaitis, as of yesterday, Sunday, for a period of two weeks.

In this context, responsible sources in the airlines told that the incoming flights to the country over the course of yesterday were completely (FULL), after the increase in the demand for reservations by citizens to speed up the return to the country, indicating that the capacity for flights decreased to 35 passengers.

In implementation of the instructions of the General Administration of Civil Aviation, contributed to relieving pressure on incoming flights to the country in light of the limited seats available.


She stated that Kuwait Airways was excluded from the capacity for incoming flights to Kuwait, from the Turkish and Dubai destinations, as it was identified with 85 passengers for Dubai and 62 for Turkey, stressing that the rest of the airlines are limited to 35 passengers only, and stated that the flights scheduled today are either. There are 94 arriving or departing flights.

Source: Al-Anbaa



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