Discussions on return of Expatriates to Kuwait with a Quota system

Kuwait News Today, June 6: With the return of airport traffic in many countries according to various plans, after easing passenger reception policies, the persons responsible for Kuwait Airport are studying the relaxation restrictions on travel policies which will lead to an increase in the airport’s operations capacity in the current month.

As the epidemiological situation in the country continues to be stable, according to information in the General Administration of Civil Aviation, the Council of Ministers is preparing to receive passengers according to a specific policy and plan with the aim of developing a full focus on the submission of the final report.

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Instead of the 10% currently applied, there are suggestions to increase the handling of navigational traffic to 30% for departure and arrivals and to allow residents to have “immunity” and access to valid residences.

One of the most important plans proposed was to establish a “quota” to receive a certain number of visitors to the country under difficult conditions, the most important of which was receiving two doses of one of the approved Vaccines in Kuwait (Pfizer – AstraZeneca / Oxford – Moderna – Johnson) is must and the PCR test is performed within 3 days of arrival and the restrictions are lifted as soon as the result proves negative.

Sources have suggested that the policy currently applies to citizens coming to the country, but another approach is to apply for institutional restraint as he is subject to subsequent arrival to receive a single dose of any approved vaccine. Week, and another week of house blockade, for those who came. Those who are not vaccinated will not be allowed into the country in the near future, he said, adding that the aim is to tighten precautionary measures and take extra precautions against those coming into the country.


In parallel, the airport is currently looking at a departure movement for students studying abroad and for some expatriates going to their countries after a one-year break, along with some citizens who want to spend their summer vacations abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Kuwait flights will start from India?

The epidemiological corona situation in India is still in the red zone, the Kuwaiti government has shown no interest to open an Airport and bringing Indian Expatriates into the Country.


According to the sources, the Kuwait Government is in the discussions of a Quota system to bring Expatriates.

When Kuwait flights will start?

Currently, Kuwait Airports operating only 10% due to travel restrictions around the world, But the return of easing travel restrictions in many countries, the Kuwait government also studying the relaxation restrictions on travel policies and increase operations 10 to 30% in this month.


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