Civil Aviation requests to increase arrival passenger capacity

Kuwait News, Aug 23: The General Administration of Civil Aviation Yousef Al-Fawzan called on the cabinet to increase the capacity of Kuwait International Airport for incoming flights. Reported by Al-Rai.

In a letter, he addressed to the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, and said, “Due to the exploitation of airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport for the specified capacity of 7,500 passengers per day for incoming flights to Kuwait International Airport, and due to the decision of the Council of Ministers to open entry to Kuwait from several countries in accordance with health requirements issued in this regard, please kindly allow an increase in the passenger capacity on incoming flights to Kuwait International Airport.”

He added, “Allowing the increase in capacity will lead to absorbing the increasing demands from airlines and to develop a plan for them without delaying and disrupting the movement at the airport and to give the airlines the opportunity to start selling and marketing tickets for these flights.”


In addition, the General Administration of Civil Aviation stressed today, Monday, the necessity of the commitment of tourism and travel offices and airlines operating in Kuwait to implement all laws and circulars issued to regulate the work of the air transport market in the country.

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The Director of the Air Transport Department, Chairman of the Complaints and Arbitration Committee at (Civil Aviation), Abdullah Al-Rajhi, affirmed in a press statement the department’s keenness to preserve the rights of the state and passengers and to hold accountable any office or entity that violates the instructions and laws issued.

Al-Rajhi pointed out that the Complaints and Arbitration Committee held its sixth meeting for this year last Tuesday, in the presence of members of the committee, representatives of government agencies, to consider complaints from the traveling public and violations of tourism and travel offices and airlines operating in Kuwait.

He stated that the committee reviewed all violations and considered complaints that were referred to obtain legal opinions, in addition to discussing 10 complaints regarding their violation of laws and circulars issued by the General Administration of Civil Aviation related to the air transport market.

He explained that the committee has issued decisions to fine these violating companies and take all legal measures against them, in addition to withdrawing the license of one of the tourism and travel offices for a period of 6 months and another office for a period of 3 months, due to the repeated violation of the laws and instructions.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the air transport market inspectors for their efforts to maintain the functioning of the market and to detect existing violations.

Adil Khan

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