Citizens resort to early return for fear of closing the airport … and airlines are scheduling their flights

According to local News Media sources that in local airlines that many citizens had modified their return reservations to Kuwait during the month of February so that the return would take place this week and next.

She stated that there is a large number of citizens who reschedule return trips, especially with the development of global health conditions, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appealed to citizens through our embassies abroad to record their data and follow up on their conditions in light of the global precautionary measures to confront the Coronavirus.

In addition, the sources said that airlines have received hundreds of calls from citizens abroad to schedule their return flights, especially as they fear a decision to close Kuwait International Airport during the coming period, with the increase in cases of infection globally and the emergence of new strains of the mutated virus in those coming to the country.

The sources stated that the airlines have prepared operating schedules commensurate with the flights, starting today (Sunday) with the entry into force of the decision to ban entry of arrivals into the country, so that some flights will be canceled or merged to suit the demand, excluding that a major change will occur in the operating schedules, especially with The great demand for the return of citizens in the first days of the entry into force of the decision.

She added that closing the airport completely removes the “political embarrassment” of Kuwait in closing with some neighboring and global countries, in which new virus strains have appeared or increased cases of infection, and transit flights to return to Kuwait are active.

The sources said that these matters and others will be discussed in the cabinet meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Monday.

Source: Al-Anbaa



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