All travelers to Kuwait must register on

All travelers to Kuwait must register on
All travelers to Kuwait must register on Image Source@timeskuwait

Kuwait City, Feb 27: Further to an announcement by the Kuwait Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA), all travelers to Kuwait must register on the online platform KuwaitMosafer.

KuwaitMosafer, developed by National Aviation Services (NAS) was launched in July 2020 for the convenience of all travelers departing from and arriving in Kuwait.

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The platform offers passengers a single solution to book PCR test appointments, submit official health declarations, organize flight check-in slots and book a host of airport services to make traveling easier.

KuwaitMosafer also links to the Kuwait Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 vaccination records under the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate.

This is on par with global innovations attempting to implement border control policies for safer travel practices.

Post 21st February 2021, arriving passengers must book the mandatory hotel quarantine and PCR tests in Kuwait via KuwaitMosafer.

All the processes are user-friendly, simple, and available in English as well as Arabic, making it easy for all travelers to access.

Kuwait is the first airport in the region to leverage technology to implement a single platform to assist travelers in fulfilling COVID-19 travel requirements ahead of time, thus reducing queuing at the airport as well as other disruptions.

The app has been developed with three key objectives that include protecting the health of passengers and airport staff by improving awareness and enabling contactless procedures.

It assists passengers in fulfilling post COVID-19 travel requirements, which will help reduce waiting times and disruption.

And it also helps airport operators overcome the challenges of reduced capacity due to social distancing by offering advance service bookings such as check-in appointments.

To register, passengers can visit https://, from their mobile phone, laptop, or personal computers and input their flight details to book the required services.

A customer care email is available to answer queries or address any technical challenges: the customer. This technology is the first of its kind in the Middle East, serving as a communication gateway between passengers and authorities.

Travelers can also enter comments, feedback, seek assistance, and advise on any unsanitary locations within the airport for immediate rectification.

All travelers are strongly advised to check the PCR testing, quarantine procedures, and visa requirements for their respective destination country before travel.

This should be done well in advance of their flights to ensure they book the test according to the required timelines. KuwaitMosafer is supplemented by, another online platform to facilitate the return of Article 20 domestic workers from high-risk countries. Sponsors or travel agents can book a package for workers with existing or new visas.

Source: TimesKuwait


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