Airport traffic during the Eid holidays 16 thousand departures and 5 thousand arrivals

Kuwait City, May 3: While the agencies operating at Kuwait International Airport continue their efforts in managing the movement of passengers arriving and departing from the country, many citizens are preparing to spend the Eid al-Fitr holiday in some European and Arab countries.

According to a statistic that Al-Qabas obtained a copy of, the total expected departures and arrivals during the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, from 12 to 20 this month, will reach about 21 thousand passengers, who will be transported on 404 incoming and outgoing flights. The statistic indicated that the total number of departing passengers exceeds 3 times those coming to the country, as the total expected departures are about 16,000 passengers on 203 flights, while about 5,000 passengers are expected to arrive on 201 flights.

An official source at the airport told Al-Qabas that Turkey, Dubai and Doha lead the most travel destinations during the Eid holiday, especially since during the current period a number of countries are witnessing restrictions in travel requirements to them due to the Corona pandemic, and therefore travel traffic has decreased significantly compared to previous years.


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The source indicates that the travel requirements for arrivals to the country are still in accordance with the circulars issued previously, so that the total arrivals do not exceed 1000 passengers per day, while the rest of the requirements for the arrival of the passenger are still valid, so that Kuwaitis, their first-degree relatives, and the domestic workers accompanying them are allowed to enter.

Regarding the reopening of travel lines, the source indicated that the relevant committees in the Council of Ministers are still studying the opening of some direct lines with London and Cairo, with the aim of making it easier for citizens to reach the country without the hassle of moving between transit stations, as many students have to wait for long periods in Gulf stations for several hours until they reach the country.


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The source added: No approvals have been received regarding the opening of direct lines with some destinations, but initial indications are moving towards the reopening of some airlines again with some countries. He mentioned that the beneficiaries of stopping direct flights between Kuwait and several countries are some regional airlines that have direct airlines with these countries, while the biggest losers are the national airlines that cannot operate direct flights to these countries.

7 continuous procedures at the airport


1- Apply preventive controls to their fullest extent.

2- Organizational steps to achieve preventive separation between travelers.

3- Continuous sterilization around the clock in all airport facilities.


4- Apply all travel requirements to those coming to the country.

5- The number of arrivals does not exceed 1000 passengers per day, according to the regulations and decisions.

6- Only Kuwaitis, their first-degree relatives, and accompanying domestic workers are allowed to enter.


7- The specialized committees are studying the opening of direct lines with London and Cairo to make it easier for citizens.



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