A Big Jump on Flights tickets upto 200% to 300% after reduction of passengers

With the entry into force of the General Administration of Civil Aviation’s decision to reduce the number of passengers arriving at Kuwait International Airport to 1,000 passengers per day. From today (Sunday) until February 6.

The prices of flights tickets travelling to Kuwait witnessed a big jump, ranging between 200% and 300%.

In light of the reduction of the number of seats available on board aircraft from about 200 previous seats to only 35, which led to a great demand for these seats in exchange for less supply, and thus prices increased significantly.

This decision comes from the “Civil Aviation” based on the instructions of the health authorities, which stressed the need to be careful and cautious during the next two weeks, to control the “Corona” virus and limit its spread, especially with the emergence of two cases infected with the new strain of the virus last week for passengers coming from Britain Note that this decision does not include domestic workers’ trips and transit.

In this context, “alanba” met with a number of tourism and travel agency owners, who emphasized that the new “civil aviation” decision negatively affected all travel and tourism offices and caused some kind of confusion, as the decision led to the scheduling of more than 10 thousand travel tickets.


PAnd the cancellation and rescheduling of more than 60% of the incoming flights to Kuwait during the period covered by the decision to reduce the number of arrivals.

They explained that the simple number of passengers, which does not exceed 35 passengers on a single flight, makes the operation difficult and exposes companies to losses, as a large number of operators and airlines preferred to cancel flights instead of restarting them, noting that this confusion has jumped in prices by a rate of up to 300%, and made the ticket price from Dubai to Kuwait, for example, up to about 550 dinars.

The director of the “Al-Wasit Tourism and Travel” office, Sami Abu Al-Saud, confirmed that the recent decision issued by the civil aviation in coordination with the Ministry of Health confused the offices and airlines, especially since the decision does not help companies operate flights to Kuwait International Airport.

He explained that the new situation for airlines is not profitable, as the available number of passengers with only 35 passengers will put companies in front of two options, either canceling those flights or merging some destinations close to each other to reach Kuwait, and thus most of the flights operating to Kuwait will arrive by transit. It is not a direct flight.

Abu Al-Saud added that the decision may contribute to the cancellation of up to 60% of the total incoming flights to Kuwait, during the period from today to February 6, explaining that the offices are suffering from continuously exacerbating their losses, as there are not enough reservations to cover the market after the last decision. Which will lead to more losses.

Big losses

For his part, Director of the Office of “Redsea for Tourism and Travel” Sherif Zayed said: The recent decision led to the scheduling of more than 10 thousand travel tickets, canceling and scheduling 60% of the incoming flights to Kuwait in principle during the validity period of the decision, due to the difficulty of operating the trip in light of This simple number, which does not exceed 35 passengers per flight.

He added: This small number will make the operation impossible and expose the airlines to great losses, and thus a large number of them will pay to cancel flights instead of restarting, noting that ticket prices have increased since the decision by a rate ranging between 200% and 300%, as the price of a ticket has reached Dubai – Kuwait to 550 dinars, with the difficulty in finding and collecting it due to the high demand and the lack of supply.



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