6 controls for entry of stranded Expatriates in principle

Kuwait City, May 25: According to the local Arabic Media that allowing entry to Expatriates from the three categories approved by the Supreme Ministerial Committee for Coronavirus Emergencies will be in accordance with the precautionary measures approved by the Ministry of Health.

The sources revealed 6 initial controls to allow entry to stranded Expatriates, which are: immunization with a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization, registration in the “Shlonak” application, bringing a negative “Pcr” certificate of 72 hours, conducting an examination upon arrival, and a valid residence or entry visa. New, and the stone may remain in effect now.

6 Principles for entry of stranded Expatriates

  1. Vaccinated with Approved vaccine by World Health Organisation.
  2. Registration on Shlonik Application.
  3. Bring a Negative PCR test certificate of 72 hours.
  4. Conducting Corona test upon arrivals.
  5. Required valid Residence Permit (or) Entry Visa.
  6. Expatriates from high-risk countries should be excluded from this.

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The sources went on to say that these initial controls are required to be met when permitting the entry of stranded workers, teachers in the Ministry of Education, imams of mosques and employees of oil companies.

The sources indicated that the approval of these three categories came to cover the requests of government agencies.

The sources ruled out the issuance of a decision by the Council of Ministers in its meeting today headed by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, to allow entry of Expatriates.


Adil Khan

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